You have a story. Knowledge. Experience. Success.


And maybe even a few battle scars.


One of the most interesting discoveries in working with founders, CEOs, and entrepreneurs has been that 99% of them will ask me: 

“Why would anyone care what I have to say?”

Because your perspective and experience are the only new story under the sun. 

Not to mention, sharing your story could lead to:

  • Book deals
  • Lead generation
  • Building a legacy 
  • Industry authority 
  • Brand development 
  • Speaking engagements 
  • Networking opportunities

And …

What if your story could be the story that changed someone else’s story?

That’s what I like to call “Story Spark.”


My name is Holly, and in my nearly two decades as a ghostwriter, those story-spark moments are my favorite. (Yes, even better than the feeling of my first bestseller.)

I am a ghostwriter offering competitive LinkedIn packages, full manuscript writing, and premium editing services.  

Your story deserves to be shared. 

Whether that’s through finally writing that book you’ve always wanted to write or by joining the powerhouse social media platform of Linkedin, I have a track record that proves I can help. 

(By the way, LinkedIn has an audience of over 875 million people, and 141 million of those people log in daily. Not to brag, but my last LinkedIn ghostwriting client saw a 3,330% increase in engagement.) 


Stories have spark. 

Yes, even yours. 

Especially yours. 


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